Kathryn Dawe

The Mission: to ignite the fire within you, empowering you to seize control of your life. I aim to challenge conventional norms and conditioning, encouraging everyone to recognize their power of choice in every moment. This isn't selfish—it's about fostering inner peace, joy, love, and abundance. Fear and sacrifice won't lead you there. 

The Outcome: Through audacious change in ourselves, we can create a better world.

"The power to rule YOUR world is yours, right now."

The AUDACITY  Factor.

I’m Kathryn, 

STOP the madness! Let me help you Take Control of Your Life, Your Career, Your Health, Your Finances Without  Sacrificing Who You Are.

You are invited! Working with me, you'll learn that stepping outside your usual boundaries becomes an audacious lesson of courage, self-inquiry, resilience and the ability to radically accept your brilliant true self and a life beyond societal ceilings. Utilizing modern coaching techniques and experiential processes, I'll take you through an empowering step-by-step program to help you create the  life you truly desire.

You are invited...

Let's Chat & Talk About the Thing...

Take this opportunity to be bold and envision a healthy life, career, relationships and finances, free from the constant gut wrenching sacrifice of who you are and what you want.  If you are ready to be courageous let's take the first step. Click below, and let's talk.

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Stoking a revolution that strays from the ordinary, challenging the status quo and running riot over the main stream blather....