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  Whether it's starting a business or taking control of your life, now is the time to embrace your journey and transform into the amazing women you are meant to be! Let me show you how so that you can live a life of joy, freedom & wealth!
Be empowered...

Awaken to your radical transformation... Recognize your authentic truth... Arise resilient & triumphant... Amplify your radiant ability to thrive... bring empowerment, leadership and abundance to your life! ... This life is available for you, now! Reach for it! Welcome!

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Hey, Friend:

would you love to feel truly empowered to create an abundant & joy filled life?

There is one key truth that will prepare you to take that first step toward this vision...and that is CHOICE...the joy & abundance in our lives is directly reflected in the choices we make every day...

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hello there!

I’m kathryn,

passionate about empowering you to ignite your inner power to change your life!

Practical (ok, maybe not all of the time), relatable, protein junky, compassionate, surprisingly funny, fire starter, debris clearer, guide and bridge builder, simplifying the h#ll out of empowering you so you can create choices in your life...oh yea, and I can help you create a plan that can give you those choices!

" When all else fails, build a bridge..."
                       - my sIxteen year old Self

speaker,Strategy Geek, COACH & mentor, Sci-fi enthusiast, writer, CREATIVe badass, long on integrity, believer in humanity...

The A.R.T of Empowerment Workshop Series  


A 4 part virtual & in-person program where you'll follow powerful and simple strategies to create a roadmap to help you take control of your life. You will learn how to make empowered choices by aligning with your unique voice & vision. Create the life that is meant for you, and achieve life-changing results.

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It's amazing what insights and wisdom can come from, oftentimes, the most mundane and simple things in life...pinball for example, or motorcycle rides, or just being a kid...

yes it is...

every day is a coffee day!

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No matter the day, or time of year...whether it's an iced caramel latte, or a hot pumpkin spice cuppa...a decaf cappuccino, or regular cup of black coffee...coffee is where it's at! I do prefer good coffee for myself, but whatever coffee you love, I'm all about it! You do you!


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ready to level up?

step into your new STORY...

This isn't about re-writing your story. This is about stepping past that old story and learning how to make new and powerful choices that lead you forward into who you want to become...as the person who courageously embraces what it takes to write a brand new story, and live it!



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